Plan B Is Always Plan A

I know people always love the stories behind the names (well, I do), so I will try to give you a glimpse of how it all started.

For me, greeting cards were meant to get something out of my system. With enough retail experience to know that lacking design credentials and technical knowledge would give very limited legs to my venture I set plan A to go to the Ladder Club (I mentioned this Club back in one of my posts), so I would get design help, then do a trade show and put it all to bed. That plan massively failed as I’ve later learnt that the Ladder Club doesn’t actually help with design critique and was fully booked up when I did my query. So, I did that first trade show (Top Drawer) anyway, which surprisingly turned out brilliant. I had to quickly come up with plan B, which I am still working on. My husband keeps me sane and helps a lot with admin, IT and at trade shows. He passes expert opinion on new designs, so when he doesn’t like something I know it’ll sell well. 

Nowadays, I learn a lot about design from You Tube videos, reading online magazines like Moyo, from fellow publishers in the greeting card industry, the Ladder Club and spend reasonable time on visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest

My designs style has changed over the years and this year I am hitting the spot with what is closer to me. I have some contemporary birds with metallic, which proves to be very popular with buyers.

I keep the best bits from my previous life as a Business Mentor at The Prince’s Trust and occasionally have meetings/invited talks with entrepreneurs at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at Leicester College. I say/fool to myself that all this keeps me young.

Last but not least, cheers to plan B. It often turns out to be plan A.

Hope this inspires you to go on and make your plan B a very successful one.

Best Wishes,


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SABIVO Design’s blog combines random ramblings about business, new design releases and general excitement about the world. The content is delivered monthly and is derived from Sabina’s own experience.

On a serious note, Sabina holds truly eclectic professional background with collective 17 years in fashion buying, fashion retail management, academia, science and now in publishing. Sabina is neither formally design nor business trained, therefore her success in running a creative business is a result of thorough research, preparation, self-training and sheer determination to succeed. Sabina is a business Mentor through the Prince’s Trust (Leicester), Bright Ideas Trust (London) and Start Up Republic (London) and regularly honours invitations for editorials in the trade, local and national press.

Behind SABIVO Design

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SABIVO Design publishes truly beautiful handmade greeting cards, designed, printed and hand-finished in England.  Their cards are design-led, combine contemporary feel with romantic elements and are very competitively priced to give them their commercial edge. Their exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality delight customers like Fenwick, Williams & Griffin, Hoopers, Bentalls and many quality shops across the UK and abroad.

SABIVO Design is a family unit and behind the scenes, Sabina designs, markets the product and runs the company operations. Her husband, Ivo, dedicates his time to the website and company administrative operations besides his day job.

SABIVO Design’s greeting cards regularly appear in local and trade press and prominent blogs. The publisher was runner up in the Guardian Small Business Network Awards, Starting Up section. They also have Bronze Website Award from Mumpreneurs UK.

To find out more about SABIVO Design’s handmade greeting cards, wedding stationery and their personalisation service please visit their website