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Illustration & Design

I enjoyed drawing from an early age and have always had a true passion and flare for design. However, I went on to have an eclectic professional career spanning academia, science, retail management and fashion buying. In 2012 I founded SABIVO Design, a small greeting card publishing house, selling greeting cards on a wholesale basis. This allowed me to fulfil a lifelong dream of having a creative business and provided a creative outlet for my soul.

Running a small business allowed me to experiment with different drawing styles and mediums, which in turn helped develop my personal artistic style. I am very trend aware and launch 2 new design looks per year and add on designs to existing ranges every 2-3 months. I believe that by increasing the interest in the product offer in store, I add value and profitability to my customer’s businesses. This combined with my professional background, exhibiting bi-annually at trade shows also means that I am up-to-date with all current trends, have a commercial design outlook and I am used to work under extreme pressure and tight deadlines.

I enjoy traditional and digital illustration and design, but combine both to create the greeting card designs and art prints I sell for my business. I love the versatility of gouache and watercolour, from the softness and transparency of a single watercolour wash to the depth of a thick paint-loaded gouache stroke. However, I still find one of the most magical and exciting parts in creating a design the moment I start mixing the elements together on the computer and enhance them using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator) and Autodesk Sketchbook.

My designs are inspired by the rural fields surrounding my studio and the love of nature. They have modern feel and blend contemporary watercolour illustrations with on-trend hand-lettering. I draw and paint all elements by hand, before being scanned, digitally enhanced and manipulated using digital software. I draw all elements separately and vectorize before use, therefore layouts and scales can be amended and adapted without loss of quality.

Over the years I have done commission pieces for UK customers and have licensed designs with Zazous Editions (France) and Karto (Finland) to go on a variety of gift and stationery products for the respective foreign markets. I have therefore developed skills in placement illustration and repeat pattern making, which allows my work to be transferred to a variety of gift products. I am also open to discuss work on a freelance basis for editorial, commission and licensing projects.

My website holds the majority of my ranges on sale, while Instagram might give a glimpse or two towards my most recent work and some angles in my day-to-day life as an artist.

If you feel that my style might fit with one of your projects and your customers might benefit from my creative output, then I would be delighted to hear from you. Just drop me a line on