Welcome Back


Hope you are well and, like me, getting quietly excited about life returning to whatever is going to be the new reality. I’ve really missed seeing all my customers. 

I‘ve kept myself busy in getting a new design look out for Up & Away (below) and updating the popular Wreath range (above).

All designs are available to order now and hope some will be suitable for your lovely customers.

The new e-catalogue is available to download from our website but if you need a paper catalogue and a sample card, please let me know and I will post one for you.

Ordering is easy via our secure website www.sabivo.co.uk or by contacting your local agent.

Wishing you many sales with the strong new trend of shopping local!

Warm Wishes,

Sabina @ SABIVO Design 

NEW for 2021

How is everybody doing?! Nobody thought that 2021 will start that way. That is for sure. But we are sending you this short mailer to update on what is going on behind our doors.

We moved towards the end of 2020 and our landline may have suggested that we vanished from planet Earth. But we are here, in fact, thank you all who kept calling my mobile to place your lovely orders. New contact details are up on the website now.

We know that lockdown N3 is a hard one for us all, but especially for you, our lovely independents. It is usually this time of the year when we create new products for our most important trade show, Spring Fair. We are definitely going to miss seeing and hugging you. We know that some are pondering the future of your precious businesses. However you feel about your retail journey, we have now updated our Spring Fair @ Home profile, so have a sneak peek to see what we have been up to.

We are also very excited to say that we have made the complete switch to biodegradable glitter and compostable cellos. All the prettiness we sell is now completely sustainable, including the new range for 2021, Up & Away. It is a very contemporary range that I have hand-drawn with a computer mouse, so yes, if you didn’t know, I draw with the old trusted mouse. I have also played with our signature sequins and created some imaginary photographed jewel flowers.

If you need paper catalogue and a sample card, please let us know and we will post one for you.

Ordering is easy via our secure trade-only website www.sabivo.co.uk or by contacting your local agent.

Thank you all for ongoing support!

Warm Wishes,

Sabina @ SABIVO Design 

Warm Welcome to Christmas


After a long and difficult first half of the year, we hope that, like us, you’ve found some happiness in the little things. And as we are going into another season, preparing to give winter a warm welcome, we’re still here celebrating the things that haven’t changed – the personal connection and closeness with the people we love and care.

Our Christmas 2020 is for the nearest and dearest and has some open captions thrown for good measure. Massive thanks to those of you stocking up your shelves with our cards. We are constantly dispatching Christmas cards but you can also get in touch if you are still planning. Ordering is easy via our secure website www.sabivo.co.uk or by contacting your local agent.

Thank you all for ongoing support!

Warm Wishes,

Sabina @ SABIVO Design 

Over the Rainbow


We hope that the first weeks of store opening have been good for our lovely retailers. It is such a difficult and different time for us all and hopefully customers are getting used to the new ‘normal’ and supporting all our lovely independents.

We wanted to reach out to everyone reading this blog as Autumn Fair has been cancelled, so all our trade activity has now moved online. By showing our NEW ranges we are hopefully helping our lovely customers with planning and stocking.

Rainbow range knocks on the ‘botanical’ trend with painterly foliage and is hand-crafted with glitter and our signature floral sequins. 

We have added relations and wedding designs to the quirky Clusters range.

Christmas 2020 is also available to order now but we will get a proper blog post dedicated to the most important season of them all in another blog post.

Hope what we have on offer now is suitable for your customers and we look forward continuing to do business with you all.

Best wishes,


Lockdown Diaries


I am writing this blog post at a very peculiar moment in time when the whole world is experiencing a global pandemic due to Covid-19. By now, pretty much everybody knows how coronavirus temporarily or irreversibly is changing our lives and work. I have called this post Lockdown Diaries but I am seriously hoping this will be the only post in this Diary.

I have collated a few pictures for your visual pleasure, but generally we have been juggling homeschooling, work and looking after family like never before. Ivo is a critical worker by day, so he is still out and about. Like most gardens, ours is a permanent sports ground, the kitchen table is a permanent table tennis set up and there are school books in every corner of the house. We have been baking and exercising more than ever before, which probably would lead us to being fatter and fitter than never before. I wish clapping uses more calories than it does…

You might be curious to know that I am not a fan of running but adore roller skiing, which is the training ground for cross country skiing. You would be relieved to hear I do not wish for snow right now. Instead, I am happy to reconnect with nature and the beautiful countryside around our home offices.

We’ve been given this gift of time at the moment, so naturally, I turned into creativity for an outlet. It’s the first time in forever that I thoroughly enjoyed the painting and design process and did not squeeze this range between school runs, trade shows, admin, licensing projects, agents, orders, accounting, school runs etc.

This new range had to be called Rainbow for very obvious reasons but also it turned out to be very colourful and positively summery at the end. It is now on our trade-only website www.sabivo.co.uk, ready for when life switches to a different gear.

I will be sharing the designs on our Instagram page, so if you don’t follow us on social media already, please do connect (@sabivodesign) as life after lock down might continue online for the foreseeable future.

Hope to see you there.

Warm wishes,